Single Fixtures declaration for Selenium on Rails

When testing out a complex website, replicating the |open|/selenium/setup?fixtures=x| line would be painful!

So, Add a const at the beginning of the setup_controller in Selenium Plugin at

MY_FIXTURES = “table_a, table_b, table_c”

Also alter #setup as so :

def setup
    unless params.has_key? :keep_session
      @session_wiped = true
    if params[:fixtures] == “all“
      fixtures = PM_FIXTURES
    fixtures ||= params[:fixtures].to_s
    @loaded_fixtures = load_fixtures fixtures
    render :file => view_path('setup.rhtml'), :layout => layout_path

New lines are 6-9, and the change on 10 from referencing params[] to the local var fixtures.

Then, use this in the selenese script :


Isn’t that beautiful!??

Now I don’t have to endure copy-paste-age-break hell on my fixtures configuration.

Ahhh, Ruby is so nice!

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