Apache/SCGI on Windows XP / 2003

I’m trying to configure a production-mode Win2003 server for rails apps.

I ran down the rabbit hole for all of the following configurations :

  • Cygwin/lighttpd SCGI/FastCGI: compiling errors on both my dev machine and vmware test.
  • InstantRails / SCGI : well, after figuring out how to run production-mode scgi_server as a windows service (details below), I still have trouble getting InstantRails to run as a “service” itself. This is not the fault of InstantRails, and Curt, you get KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS for the work in gettting InstantRails to work at all! (see below for some details on how to auotmate the scgi-as-a-service installation, when you get InstantRails running as a service itself (or at least the apache/mysql servers).
  • IIS / FastCGI : 404 error every time. With no log output, there’s nothign to see and nothing to do.. except look elsewhere for a solution!

Here’s the final solution :

Apache SCGI Configuration

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