TEST DRIVEN UI – Dot Net Unit Testing UI

Hello Hello Hello,

It’s been a long time. I’ve had my head buried under several layers of black, gooey, .NET C# UI routines.

Testing UI is NOT a picnic.

I’ve found problems in two categories thus far :

1. Old VB6 tactics result in cross-updating/cross-merging of datasets. Basically MAJOR data collisions. The most common instances of this are a pair of cascading comboboxes where combobox-child has list-data one minute… and no list data the next! The hardest debugging is watching the Step-into pass over a line of code and the dataset has changed… what happened to my internals?!

2. Mocking for UI is scarily complicated. Again here is a bunch of dataset collsions, but also the need to mock the results of data processes (especially updates) for the purpose of the UI. I will note here that coding ADO.NET one-row inserts and updates with specified primary-key values is still 1000% easier than ADO!

OK, If anyone is reading my blather, feel free to comment, suggest.

I especially want to hear of your own experiences or links to other Test-Driven UI efforts.