An ADHD Adventure

I have been on an ADHD adventure nearly my whole life. My first diagnosis was somewhere in my mid-late single digits (5-7ish). Back then it was ADD, and the only possible relief was Ritalin – as far as “we” know anyway.

A lot has changed in the nearly 50 years since then. I have been officially/unofficially diagnosed with ADHD for at least 20 years. Wellbutrin has been the Medical MD “solution”, which I’ve taken on and off. Only this past month, after 20 years, did a life coach ask me if I was on an ADHD med, with the focus of our coaching to handle my ongoing symptoms of lack of focus, trouble with organization/prioritization, and trouble with focus. Life coach says : Anyone on ADHD med should be having a much different experience with these issues.

So, a Psych MD consult and a new ADHD med starting today.

Do I feel different?
Maybe? It’s only been 4 hours. Seriously. I think I do sense better “presence”. I’ll follow up this post in a month or so.